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US economy limping along at 1.3% growth rate

Last quarter’s growth rate revised down from 1.9% to 1.5%. Read if from the source here.

Apple now has more cash than the federal government

The Financial Post has reported this morning that Apple now has more cash than the Federal Government. The US currently has about $73 billion dollars, while Apple has around $76 billion dollars. Cash has always seemed like kind of a silly measure when an entity is loaded with debt. Having $5oo in your pocket isn’t […]

Jobless claims fall below “magic” 400k number

Some good news this morning from the Department of Labor. New jobless claims fell below 400,00 last week to 398,000. Considering that 400,000 is really a rather arbitrary number and is not some hard line where we are definitely creating more jobs than losing them, this really isn’t big news. Still, this is somewhat encouraging, […]

The state of the housing market

Take a look at this article from cnn/money. The headline is that prices dip 4.5%, yet the very next sub-headline is that “prices rise again in May.”  For a site that generally tries to reach a very mass Joe Investor type reader, that is really confusing. But then again so is the housing market right […]

The debt ceiling, what is it, and why I don’t care.

You can’t escape it. Every news source is talking about it constantly. I am not talking about Caylee, or even the celebrity of the moment, but the debt ceiling. For those living under a rock, the debt ceiling is a hard limit on the amount of government debt that can be accumulated. It was first […]

Continuation of Tom’s Hardware In-depth look at Wi-fi

Toms Hardware has the second part (of two) of their series on Wi-fi performance here. The results are kind of surprising- the Apple Airport Extreme gets slaughtered in a multi user scenario, and the article demonstrates how lots of interference from multiple users can really kill your performance, which is especially relevant to city dwellers […]

Good read on how Macs and their DHCP implementation

I was not aware that Macs could get on the network much much faster than Windows PC’s. Its a good read on a subject I haven’t read much about- the process of how computers actually join the network.

Great article on the first real cyberwarfare- Stuxnet

Wired has a long article on a story that is out of a Tom Clancy novel- Stuxnet. Stuxnet targets industrial centrifuges, but only activated itself when a very specific configuration was found- and in this case that configuration turned out to be a facility in Iran that is enriching uranium to make nuclear weapons. No […]

The strains of 4 years of hardship starting to percolate into view.

The WSJ has an article about how dollar stores and ultra-cheap retailers are even feeling the pinch in this economic climate. This reflects what I have been seeing more of lately- marginal households and even once fairly solid middle class households are reeling under the strain of years of a sluggish economy. Some of the […]

Google Plus

On a lighter note, I had the chance to check out Google Plus yesterday evening. All I can say is that it is Facebook Lite with a bit more integration into the (in my opinion) half hearted social features like Buzz that Google has been rolling out for the past year or two. The big […]